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The Dance Factory is committed to teaching the art of dance through superior industry knowledge of its instructors. That, combined with a genuine love of what we do encourages the growth of creativity and builds self esteem on an individual basis. We welcome all students, from the recreational to the serious performer.


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Dance is for all ages and for beginners to those who want to be professional dancers. We have a class for everyone and all skill levels.

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  • We were unfamiliar with dance studios around our area so after much research and referrals, we decided on The Dance Factory in Delavan, WI. At first, we were unsure what to expect because our daughter is a very shy and quiet little girl. She has come out of her shell; she’s performing in front of people without any problem; she’s confident in her abilities and more importantly, herself. Our daughter comes alive when she’s dancing and it’s the most beautiful thing to watch. We are so proud of Jayde and can’t thank everyone at The Dance Factory enough for the person they have helped her become – THANK YOU! The Dance Factory isn’t just a studio, it’s a family and we are very proud to be a part of it!

    Alan, Nicole, and Jayde Vandervest
  • I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done with Mia, she has grown so much in just this first year alone. You have no idea how incredibly proud we were because we were expecting her to be a little shy being her first year. It was completely the opposite. I think you have done a fantastic job, Mia has learned nothing but great stuff with you. You’re a great professional and have great people working with you.

  • My daughter started with The Dance Factory at the age of three. Being there for nine years has really allowed me to see young children molded and advised into their adulthood and even after they graduate high school. A child’s health and education is always stressed by Tina and her staff. She is always interested in how the students are doing in school. I could very easily transfer my children to a closer dance studio, but the experiences given to my children, the variety of classes and the care of the staff keep me coming back. My children love going to The Dance Factory. Homework is done and grades are maintained because they know that if they are not, dance class will be missed. This cannot be replaced. Thank you for the past nine years and I look forward to many more years to come.
  • The Twinkle Star program has been excellent for our 3 year old! She started just before she turned three because she was begging us to let her go to "dance class". She absolutely LOVES it! The Twinkle Star program has helped develop her coordination, balance, and strength. In addition, she also learns responsibility, respect, and self awareness. I have had to brush up on my ballet vocabulary because she is always coming home trying to teach me her "new moves"! "Mama, plie! plie!"

    Erika Brown
  • My daughter has just begun her dancing journey in the Twinkle Stars program. Ms. Tina was immediately welcoming and made my daughter feel comfortable. Her teaching style is age appropriate, teaching them basic dance moves along with their corresponding terms as well as making it fun for the little ones. This program is also helping my daughter work on her motor skills, since she is right side dominate this program challenges her to use her left side movements and I have already seen improvement in using her left side in just a few short weeks. My daughter is enthusiastic to go to her class each week and practices her dance at home. This is a great program for toddlers and little kids to build confidence and begin their dance journey.

  • My Ali is not the most coordinated child fact she may be the tallest, gangliest, colt-like little girl around,with in-toeing to boot. Nor is she the most self-confident. At about the age of 3, I noticed her shy from any group activities. We did a once a week community sports club just to get out and run and play, and she wouldn't even get on the field with the other kids. Enter the Dance Factory giving out a free month of lessons at a County Get Moving activity we were doing... (Brilliant). Neither my husband nor I have any dance background, but I was willing to try anything at that point just to see Ali come out of her shell a little and gain confidence. Almost instantly she loved Miss Tina and Miss Heather. Although I can never know exactly what goes on in that little mind of hers, I think she most appreciates just being able to dance, for the sake of music, movement, and fun. She tells me after her weekly classes things like: "we got to dance to a Rapunzel song" or "we pretended to be butterflies". None of those shortcomings (colt-like, in-toeing) are ever held against her, nor does it feel to my husband and I that she is competing for some dance glory - it is just about having art in her life at a young age, great role models within the adults that lead the classes, movement that can help her get stronger and help those physical factors like in-toeing, and a supportive peer group of kids she can socialize with. We are in our fifth year now, Ali is 7, and I really appreciate that Ali has had this experience so far in her life. What I tell every parent who asks me about the Dance Factory, is that "Miss Tina makes her feel like a million bucks; that is how she makes every little girl feel."

  • My daughter has been in the Twinkle Stars class in a little over 5 months. My little dancer has blossomed not only in dance but socially and emotionally. Ms. Tina brings so much love and compassion not only to her little dancers but to her families. She is invested into her dance families. I have a 9 year old that has also been in dance since she was 2 and the amount of determination and grace she has I owe all to Ms. Tina and The Dance Factory. It isn’t just about dance my girls are taught about the importance of family, faith and academics. Couldn’t be more proud of our dance studio.

  • As a coach and judge in the world of scholastic cheer and dance team, of course my greatest dream is for my daughter to follow my footsteps. As it turns out my little one was bee-bopping around the living room by the time she could walk. I searched for a local studio that would accept children under age 3, and was delighted to find the newspaper advertising the Twinkle Babies and Twinkle Stars program at The Dance Factory. At just 18 months Miss Tina took our tiny dancer under her wing, and in the four years since she has truly flourished. Our daughter is by no means a prodigy, but I find it impressive that from her first year on she has a true grasp of correct dance terminology and form. The most tenured of trained dancers would gasp with delight to hear our young one chanting, "saute" ... "pique" ... "jete", as she practices throughout the house. The Twinkle Stars program is evident throughout The Dance Factory Family. As you watch through each years recitals you can see how the roots taught in Twinkle Stars has translated through all of the classes, right up to the older dancers. I have had many conversations with the other studio mom's of how well the training the children receive reflects in their performances. For many of those children it can definitely be traced back to their beginning as a Twinkle Star. Even from our little ones first recital at age 2 there were clear moments of actual performance; to this year at age 5 where it is clear that she understands the material and the technique of her routines. Miss Tina has soft, loving, nurturing yet persistent approach with her students. Our daughter has learned so much! At her yearly review we understood that our tiny dancer still had work to do in order to move to the next level, so we opted to enroll her in the Twinkle Stars class for another year because we truly believe it will be the underlying factor that will help her become a successful dancer.

  • I started my daughter Elise in ballet just for fun. She’s my only daughter and that’s what you do with little girls, right? Little did I know how it would change her. She puts that tutu and my shy girl glows. She’s gained confidence, coordination and strength. She loves to show off her skills. Most of all she loves her teachers. They instill all these amazing qualities in here. What started as something fun to do has blossomed into so much more.

  • Ms Tina is an extraordinary individual. She genuinely has a passion and compassion for teaching dance, to all ages. My daughter is five and has been dancing with the Dance Factory for two years, alongside Ms Tina. My daughter has gone from goofing around in the living room, to carefully choreographing a beautiful dance that takes up the whole house, as her stage. (She doesn't remember it the next day, but she's only five). Ms Tina's LOVE of dancing exudes from every part of her, and that LOVE is transferred into all of the dancers she works with. What I love most, is that Ms Tina treats my daughter as if she is her own. She will sit on the floor and ask her about her day, and then make sure her Plie is on point. As I said, Ms Tina is extraordinary!

  • When we joined The Dance Factory two years ago, our daughter, Averi, was so nervous and could not stop crying. I was contemplating not making her go inside the classroom when Miss Shannon (who was assisting in the Show Stars class at that time) came up to Averi and gave her a big hug and said she would hold her hand and stay next to her the whole class. From that point on we knew she was in good hands and fell in love with the entire staff at The Dance Factory. Miss Terri, Miss Liz, and Miss Shannon always helped Averi feel safe, loved, and included. Miss Tina and Miss Kamie have given her so much confidence in herself and are so invested in her growth as a person and as a dancer. I have never met a staff where every single person is so passionate and dedicated to the success of every single child that comes into the building. Thank you for all the you do! We are so lucky to be a part of The Dance Factory family!

  • Dancers are kind, dancers are smart, and dancers are beautiful” – This describes Ms. Tina perfectly. She models this to her youngest dancers and provides such a nurturing environment for them to live out this motto. Ms. Tina has such compassion and love for each and every child, really providing a second home to these dancers.

  • The Dance Factory has been a wonderful place for our daughter to be encouraged and challenged in her dance journey. Our daughter started taking dance classes at The Dance Factory when she was 2 years old in the Twinkle Stars program. The Twinkle Stars classes were developmentally appropriate for our daughter at her age and our family loved the focus on character building and even some basic preschool concepts during the classes. Every class ends with the children saying as a group, "Dancers are kind, dancers are smart, dancers are beautiful!" Our daughter is now 5 and she is enrolled in a combined ballet and tap class and an acro class and she loves them both. We've also really enjoyed the recital performances and the costumes are modest, fun, and reasonably priced. Beyond the class content itself, what has kept our family engaged and passionate about The Dance Factory over the last few years has been the staff. Miss Tina, the owner, and Miss Kamie, one of my daughter's teachers, are wonderful. They are kind and knowledgeable and do a wonderful job teaching the students in a way that is engaging, fun, and safe for their little bodies as they are growing. In addition to the classes for my daughter they also have various events throughout the year whether it is additional dance camps, pizza party nights for parents night out, an optional wreath fundraiser, and a trunk or treat. We are so grateful for the home we've found at The Dance Factory and would recommend it to anyone nearby.



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