Tuition & Fees

Payment methods accepted are all major credit cards (Visa/MC/AMX) or by way of voided check that we will use for pre-authorized payment each month. This simplifies payment and makes life easier for all concerned. Please contact the studio if you have any further questions concerning our fees.

COVID-19  Release Form (required)

Please download, print and fill out form. No digital forms will be accepted.

Dance Apparel

All dance apparel may be purchased at our in Studio Boutique, Banana Dance Wear. All hair must be neatly and securely fastened. Ideally, hair should be in a bun. Only buns are acceptable in all ballet classes.

Dance Bags

We strongly suggest a Dance Bag with your child’s name on it, to keep all belongings together.



Registration Policies

Accepted payment methods

Credit/debit/check card or automatic debit from checking account

Cash or check payments will not be accepted. As a convenience to our customers, the card/account information of your choice will be kept on file and tuition will be deducted from that account. This account may be used for other fees or purchases if you wish (rehearsal fees, costumes, dance wear, etc.).

Tuition is due on the first day of each month

Tuition is quoted on a monthly basis of 10 (ten) equal monthly payments, September through June. Tuition is non-refundable. Initial fees/Annual Registration fees are payable in advance and MUST accompany your registration for the current session.

NSF Automatic Payment

If your payment is rejected for any reason, (i.e., expired card, NSF, card lost) you will be charged a $25.00 service fee.

Class Level

Class level is determined by the Director.

Class Changes

A class change can be made by filling out a class change form and returning it to the office. No changes will be made without a completed form. There will be a $5.00 fee for a class change not initiated by the Director. This will be added to your monthly fee.

Termination of Enrollment

Notification of termination of enrollment must be made to the office PRIOR to the last day of the student’s current term and MUST in writing. Please use the withdrawal form.

Make-up Classes

A student is allowed makeup classes.

Additional Class Hours

Any class period running longer than one hour will be charged for the additional class time at the individual student’s hourly rate.

Private Lessons

Please schedule Private Lessons with the office. All tuition and fees must be current.

Dance Wear

Please label all shoes and dance wear. (The Studio is not responsible for missing items.) All dance bags and personal belongings should be taken in the classroom with you.

The Store

Please do not allow your children in the store unattended. All shoes must be fitted by our staff. Please do not attempt to fit shoes on your own. No food or beverages are allowed in the store.

Teacher Conference

You and your child are very important to us! Any time that you wish to speak to your child’s instructor, please leave a message with the office. Do not approach the instructor during or between classes. This will enable classes to run on schedule and allow you to have a less rushed, more productive conversation.

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