Twinkle Stars

Classical Introduction to Ballet (ages 3-4)

This class is an upbeat, self empowering, wonder seeking program. This class does not include Mom. However, Mom can see the entire class. We are striving for independence within the child.

The emphasis is on FUN and the focus is placed on early physical and social development. The core of this class is gross motor skill development and coordination such as jumping, hopping, and galloping. Incorporated are the social skill as in taking turns, and learning to cooperate in a group setting. Correct French terminology is introduced and rewarded.

A wide variety of props are used to encourage creativeness. Wands, crowns, drums, scarves, costumes, giant carrots, tambourines, and much more are used during the course of this program.

Musical awareness, rhythm and movement are taught through dancing and make believe.


The Backbone of Dance

The roots of Classical Ballet can be traced back hundreds of years to France and Italy. Since ballet is the basis for all dance forms, all students are encouraged to take ballet. Our goal is to develop a disciplined dancer through barre work, center floor practice and combinations suited for age and ability – while developing body strength, self assurance, poise and grace. Ballet is required for all students participating in competing groups at The Dance Factory.

Enjoy this video from our junior ballet class:

And here is a video of our senior ballet class:


Emotion in Movement

Lyrical dance emphasizes strong line and emotional feeling while telling a story. Lyrical combines the grace of ballet and the strength and flexibility of Jazz and Modern. Ballet is required for a student participating in lyrical and jazz is strongly recommended.

Enjoy this video from a lyrical dance class:


I've always wanted to dance

We encourage adults that want to start exercising, but dislike exercising, to enroll in dance. It has many of the same benefits such as producing energy, stamina and balance while increasing muscle tone.

Learn a new skill and feel great about yourself!

Twinkle Stars

(ages 4-5)

Students learn the basics of rhythm and enjoyment of creative dance movement through Ballet and Tap. Emphasis is placed on developing self-confidence, poise, balance, coordination and social skills. The class is taught using correct French ballet terminology as well as basic technique. Memorization skills are developed through learning simple ballet and tap routines. This class is a continuation of Pre I. If the child has no prior experience, this is the perfect class for getting started.

Check out this video of our young students:


The Beauty of Ballet

Students are invited to enroll in pointe class by the director or ballet instructor. A minimum of two additional classes must be taken in order to safely participate in pointe class. Students are required to be seen by a podiatrist and have X-rays taken in order to better see the structure of the foot. Students already in pointe will be required to take a placement class prior to registering for pointe class.


Pop, Lock and Snap

Started in America in the 19th century with roots in Africa and Ireland, tap has become increasingly popular with students of all ages. Tap is also a great form of exercise especially for those with limited capability. It is energetic and produces endurance, balance and stamina. Tap has its own vocabulary and combines rhythm of footwork and clarity of sounds, patterns progressions from the entry level to the advanced student. Studies have shown that students participating in tap programs tend to have a better understanding of mathematics.

Check out this video from a tap dance class:


Pop, Lock and Snap

A popular style of urban dance seen in many music videos, this popular dance art encourages dancers to really get into it.

Here’s a video of a hip-hop dance class:


No boundaries

Modern teaches spatial awareness, use of center core strength and control of movement. Two Ballets per week is required for this program. The Lemon Method is taught at our facility.

Here’s a video of a modern dance class:

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