Accepted payment method – Automatic debit from Credit/debit card, or checking/savings account. Cash  or check payment will NOT be accepted.

Tuition payments will be debited from your designated account on the 1st of each month. September-June (10 equal monthly payments) Tuition is non-refundable.

Additional Class Hours – Any class period running longer than one hour will be charged for the additional class time at the individual student’s hourly class rate.

NSF Fee – If your payment is rejected for any reason (ie. Expired card, NSF, card lost)  You will be charged a $25 service fee.  It is your responsibility to notify the office if your card has expired or is lost, stolen or has fraudulent activity.

Withdrawal – Notification of termination of enrollment must be made to the office several days prior to the last day of the student’s current term and MUST be in writing.  Please request and use our withdrawal form.

Class Level – Class level is determined by the Director.

Make up Classes – Students are allowed make up classes.

Class Changes – A class change can be made by filling out a class change form & returning it to the office.  No changes will be made without a completed form.  There will be a $5 fee for any class change not initiated by the instructor/Director.  This fee will be charged to your account when the change is initiated.

Private Lessons – Please schedule all private lessons with the office. These fees are paid directly to the instructor at the time of the Private lesson.   All studio tuition & fees must be current.

Instructors – We may, at any given time, substitute an instructor.

Teacher Conference – You and your child are very important to us.  Any time that you wish to speak with your child’s instructor, please leave a message with the office.  Do not approach the instructor during or between classes.  This will enable all students’ classes to run on schedule (Please understand that when you disrupt a class many students are affected.)  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Dancewear/bags – Please label all shoes & dancewear.  (The studio is not responsible for missing items.)  Dancers should take all dance bags & personal items into the classroom.

The Dancewear Boutique – Children are not allowed in the Boutique without an adult.  Please DO NOT attempt to fit shoes on your own.  All footwear must be fitted by our staff.  Please ask for assistance.  No food or beverages are allowed in the Boutique.

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